About Us

The Story of Darlingqueen

Darlingqueen.com was founded in 2021. We are a small American business that prides itself on providing plus wine racks and their ancillary products. Our wine racks are shelves to hold wine and are designed to be safe, usable and beautiful to use. As people’s living standards continue to improve, life is more about fun. Red wine is popular with the public, the demand for wine racks also increased, we are committed to providing creative, rich life interest in the wine rack to enhance your happiness in life.
The Meaning of Darlingqueen:
The initial design of the wine rack is just to facilitate people in a better storage when they can not drink the wine, but with the design of the continuous updating, gradually the wine rack is also the same as the wine, which means a taste, all kinds of strange wine rack is endless! Life is more interesting, more about the mood. Wine cork storage is a testimony to the honor of wine lovers, reflecting your unique and elegant taste, but also a very good house decorations.

Why Choose Us:

1.Variety of product types
We mainly provide different types of creative red wine glasses and wine stopper storage to meet your needs.
2. Fast delivery
We have adopted an innovative, localized delivery method. We have warehouses in both the U.S. and China to expedite the fulfillment process. Increased productivity for your business and shorter transit times mean less logistical delivery time, which ensures that the products you buy get to you sooner and faster.
3. The lowest prices
Darlingqueen.com is committed to helping you find the products you need at the best prices. We do this by facilitating relationships with manufacturers and translating that savings into the best price for you.
4. Five-star after-sales service
We have professional customer service representatives who will do their best to make sure you are satisfied with our products and services. Every email will be answered within 24 hours and a satisfactory solution to your problem will be provided.

How to Contact Us?

No matter where you are, or which service you need assistance with, you can call, write, or email us for help matching our services and your needs.
Email: support@Darlingqueen.com
Address: 602 N Mansfield St, Alexandria, VA 22304
We are also here to chat +1 213-466-7634
(Mon – Fri) 9AM – 5PM (PST)